• August 05, 2017 @ 01:31:27

    Dear Friends, I am writing a book about the preliminary bombardments by the 8th Air Force during operation Market Garden. I am looking for the serial number of one of the B-17's that took part on 17 September 1944. The ship number is 301 and the pilot was Raymond R.Lyons from 751st Bomb Squadron. I am also looking for the exact crash location of the B-17G (s/n 42-97951) that was shot down that day. Manny greeting from Antoon Meijers (The Netherlands)

  • June 14, 2017 @ 10:41:08

    Hello All, I'm an 8th AAF research contributor to the 490th and 303rd BGs, and also an avid historian and 8th AAF collector. I'm looking for information on a 457th BG, 749th BS veteran who was at Glatton for 1.5 years. His name is; SSgt. John Howard Buzzell # 31151179 Enlisted August 13, 1942 Discharged October 20, 1945 Any information that can be found would be amazing! Thank You, Christopher Warne

  • May 21, 2017 @ 05:43:20

    Dear Friends : I have in my possession a DVD made by the daughter of a crew mate of my husband's, in the ground crew of Miss Cue, 751st Squadron in the 457th. My husband was crew chief, Garry DeYoung; the crew mate was Carl Rode, and his daughter, Susan Andeloro made his WWII pictures into a record on the DVD called Daddy Days. I am looking for Susan, to reguest permission to share this look back to one man's experiences at Glatton. If anyone knows how to reach her, I would be very grateful. Carl was best man at our wedding in 1947, and shortly thereafter he married his sweetheart, Shirley Socia (sp). Thanks for your interest and assistance, in advance! Mary DeYoung 218-587-2543

  • May 09, 2017 @ 09:53:43

    Seeking information reference my cousin's (1Lt John Walz Tadje plane/crew (specifically any photos of nose art), lost 9/30/44 on Muenster raid. Plane 43-38538, B-17G. William Millea crew. Thanks in advance for any information.

  • December 17, 2016 @ 06:25:09

    I am a volunteer helping the Cambridge (England) WWII Cemetery with their upcoming 'Faces of Cambridge' tribute. On Memorial Day weekend 2017, they will post photos they receive next to the name on the wall of the missing or at the grave marker. If anyone has photos of these Cambridge men and are willing to provide them for this memorial you can send them directly to cambridge@abmc.gov. There also is a Facebook page that you can use as well as keep up with the tribute. It is a closed group and Les Turner is the Administrator of it. Photo can be of any age, a single or group photo as long as the individual is identified. Last update I received was that they had 2000 photos out of 8,937 individuals (3,812 buried and 5,127 MIA). If this has already been posted here or in a newsletter, my apologies for the repeat. Many thanks.

  • May 12, 2016 @ 04:33:35

    My Father, Archie F. Bower Jr. was the pilot of "Straight Shot." He was shot down over Germany and became a POW. He Later flew B-29's in Korea while stationed at Tachikawa AB and then flew B-52's for SAC. Does anyone remember working with him or have any information? Anything would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Robert K. Bower

  • April 27, 2016 @ 11:14:21

    I didn't realize that crews didn't stay with the same plane, but that appears to be the case. Was that unique to the 457th or was it that way in every bomb group? My grandfather flew in a different plane for all the 13 missions he was on. He was shot down over France and extremely luckily evaded capture.

  • April 13, 2016 @ 10:08:33

    Hello, My name is Cody Moses and I was hoping that you might be able to help. My grandfathers name was Terrance Camp and he flew with 457 bomb group 750 squadron i a b-17 piloted by Norman Breit. He was one of the unlucky ones that jumped out of plane on june 29, 1944 over germany on orders of pilot Breit.yet, some how breit ended up getting the plane home. My grandfather ended up spending 2 years in german pow camp.Is was wondering if you had more information on the plane he flew in and more info about his crew. Thank you for your time. Cody

  • December 23, 2015 @ 08:32:11

    Dear miss Reynolds Shull, please contact the webmaster for information about your fathers belongings and museums. Thank you, The webmaster webmaster457thbombgroup@outlook.com

  • December 22, 2015 @ 05:46:48

    My father, Charles William "Bill" Reynolds was a crew chief on a B-17 at Glatton. He passed away in 2003 but had had a chance to read and annotate the Fait Accompli book. We have his wool sergeant's uniform in perfect condition as well as some other artifacts from that time. I would like to connect with anyone who might direct me and my family in connecting dad's stuff with the museum - either in Mississippi or in England. many thanks. jane Reynolds Shull, Oregon city, or

  • December 04, 2015 @ 01:54:04

    Sarah Hood, Please email the webmaster, webmaster457thbombgroup@outlook.com! Thank you, The webmaster

  • December 02, 2015 @ 06:44:20

    Hello. I am wondering if anyone remembers my dad, SSgt. John Hood Jr. He was an ordnance guy with the 749th Bombardment Squadron. In the photo section of the website, I believe he is in picture No. 110. v/r Sarah Hood.

  • November 30, 2015 @ 05:40:51

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  • October 21, 2015 @ 01:07:35

    My father; Lt. John W. SCHWIKERT, (B-17 Pilot); 457th BG; 749th Squadron was shot down over Berlin, Germany on 18 March 1945. (Mission #212). The day before, he flew a 10 hr. combat mission to Altenberg, Germany and on returning, the 457th had the 200th Mission Party on 17 March; (actual date 2 March but delayed to 17th). The party lasted past midnight. The 457th promised no missions on 18 March. A few hours after the party there was a change in plans and the crews were sent to bomb Berlin. Many of the men had not sleep for 24 hours. My fatherís plane A/C #203 had mechanical problems and the group left without him. After repairs, he could have aborted the mission due to the long delay but decided to fly, catching up to the 2000 plane 8th AF raid over the continent. He was hit by a Me-262 and flak; #2 engine on fire, #3 engine feathered and landing gear shot up. He dove from 28,000 ft. to 18,000 ft. trying to extinguish the fire without luck, gave the order to bail out, was captured by the Germans and sent to P.O.W. Camp at Stalag Luft 1. My father is 91, currently in a nursing home with dementia and doesn't remember much about the war. Does anyone have any information about the 457th (200 Mission Party) of 17th March 1945 and the Berlin raid on 18 March 1945? Please send replies to John Schwikert II, jschwikert@cox.net

  • August 07, 2015 @ 09:39:20

    Good day. I'm trying to determine if either of the two survivor's from the "Silver Queen" are still living. Jerome Folgeman and Carl Gamblin. They were members of the 29th mission in which my grandfather, Edward C Cannon, was the bombardier and was killed in the plane's explosion on 4/20/1944. I would looooove to have contact with them to learn anything about my grandfather, for myself and my mother. Thank you greatly for any information and for your dedication to my freedom. It is not forgotten. Happy Purple Heart Day Ann Eubank

  • July 27, 2015 @ 06:11:40

    Hello: I've just discovered this site of the 457th Bomb Group on the intranet. I have been searching for information on my grandfather's history and involvement during his military career and involvement in WWII. Sadly, he passed away in 1981, before I developed any interest in history and his military career. I hope someone can assist. His name was Harry Eastland Lawrence, service #0-478857. In a 1974 newspaper article, he stated he received a Solider's Medal for saving two B-17's that collided at the Glatton airstrip. He salvaged the tail and wing sections by running into the fire-gutted bombers and pulling out parts. He also was awarded a Bronze Star for efficiency in combat zone for having more planes in commission than anybody else in his section. Any help would truly be appreciated. Scott Haymart

  • July 22, 2015 @ 01:54:23

    Does anyone have any information on Sgt Henry W D Short? He was the aircraft engineer on 44-6155 shot down over Merseberg 11/2/44. Any information would be appreciated. Seth

  • June 11, 2015 @ 12:29:41

    I'm interested in attending the 457th reunion in Savannah, Georgia. My father, Lt. Colonel Irving Lewis passed away on December 25, 2013. He was 98-years old. I'd like to attend in memory of his service to his country. I know he used to attend the reunions before he became too ill and couldn't travel. Does anyone remember Irving Lewis? He was married to Lorraine Lewis for more than 50 years before she passed away in 1993. Terry Ratner tjrwriter@aol.com

  • June 06, 2015 @ 06:11:56

    The Nose art of the eagle dropping the bomb is the screaming eagle. My Father was the tail gunner on that plane. Does anyone have information on movies from the 457th? Thanks, son of PAUL T. HARLAN

  • June 04, 2015 @ 11:56:30

    Thank you, Erwin, for getting our v-mail message board back up!! Looking forward to see you in Savannah at the reunion!

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