The English Historians

The 457th Bomb Group Association includes local individuals known as "The English Historians".

John Walker, archivist and custodian, of the Bernie Bains collection of photographs. John is one of the original English Historians and became involved with the late Bernie Bains, when the Association was first conceived in the late 1960's.

Tim Newell, became a Historian in 2008. Tim lives in the village of Conington and over the past few years has played an important part in the Mini Reunions in England and the maintenance of the memorials.

Richard Pobgee, became a Historian in 2009. Married to Erin McGuire, the grand daughter of the late Herbert Paris, a veteran of the 457th Bomb Group, serving at Glatton. Richard and Erin will ensure continuity in the organisation and assist in looking after the 457th interests in England.

Chris Cronin joined us and became a Historian in October 2009. He plays an active part in the running of the reunion in England.

All four are backed by their supportive wives (Sylvia, Angela, Erin and Mary respectively).

Sylvia and John Walker

Angela and Tim Newell

Erin and Richard Pobgee

Mary and Chris Cronin

457th Bomb Group Association

English Historians

John Walker

Tim Newell
From States: 011 44 1487 830450
From UK: 01487 830450
Email: tim.newell@ticali.co.uk

Richard Pobgee
From States: 011 44 1733 701872
From UK: 01733 701872
mail: richardpobgee@hotmail.com

Chris Cronin

The English Historians promote the organisation in England, and look after the Association's interests, as well as assist in the organisation of the Mini Reunions held every two years.

The 457th Bomb Groups interests have grown over the past few years. Prior to 2004 the original "Stone Airman Memorial", situated in All Saints Church yard at Conington, was the only reminder of the losses the Bomb Group suffered during the Second World War. Now with the dedication of the Glatton Memorial Monument at the May 2004 Reunion, interest in the Association has grown locally. With the support of the Villagers and the Conington Parish Council we have been able to add further items of interest located in the villages of Conington and Holme adjacent to the original Base.