Here you will find an almost complete 457th Bomb Group list of Aircraft Accident Reports. Thousands of Aircraft Accident Reports were made during WWII by the Air Force Office of Flying Safety. Accidents happened during training missions in the US or overseas and thousands of planes were damaged or destroyed and hundreds of men were injured or got killed.

These reports contain detailed information about the crash, crew, eyewitness accounts and photos.

We are always looking for additional information, background information, photos, letters or anything else that can complete this list or provide more information. Please let us know by emailing the webmaster: webmaster457thbombgroup@outlook.com

December 23rd 1943Lt. SnowA/C 42 - 31541Wendover Field, US
February 6th 1944Capt. KerrA/C 44 - 8720Glatton, UK
April 11th 1944Lt. GazzaleA/C 42 - 97088Sorau, Germany
April 12th 1944Lt. LaneA/C 42 - 97579Glatton, UK
April 21st 1944Lt. CoffmanA/C 42 - 97236Hoxne, UK
December 23rd 1944Lt. HendricksonA/C 43 - 38812Great Rollright, UK
December 24th 1944Lt. SundbaumA/C 43 - 38819Glatton, UK
January 10th 1945Lt. GausA/C 44 - 6088Belgium
February 19th 1945Lt. MackA/C 42 - 31630Alconbury, UK
April 5th 1945Lt. SnowA/C 44 - 8152Glatton, UK