Here you will find an almost complete 457th Bomb Group list of ‘Missing Air Crew Reports’ better known as ‘MACR’s’. These MACR’s contain information about downed and crashed bombers and crews.

Please be patient while downloading a MACR. These are very big files and can take a while before downloading is complete. Over the next coming weeks I will try to compress the files in smaller ones but still they will be big.

If you have any additional information, background information, photos, letters or anything else that can complete this list or provide more and additional information please let us know by emailing the webmaster: webmaster457thbombgroup@outlook.com

MACR 2917February 24th 1944Lt. Max Morrow42-38060Schweinfurt, Germany
MACR 2918February 25th 1944Lt. Archie F. Bower42-97457Augsburg, Germany
MACR 3003February 25th 1944Lt. James R. Chinn42-54463Augsburg, Germany
MACR 3004February 21st 1944Lt. Llewellyn G. Bredeson42-31596Gutersloh-Lippstadt, Germany
MACR 3198March 6th 1944Lt. Roy E. Graves42-31627Berlin, Germany
MACR 4058April 20th 1944Lt. Walter S. Milne42-97137Gorenflos, France
MACR 4941May 19th 1944Lt. Phillip H. Birong42-97481Berlin, Germany
MACR 5296May 28th 1944Lt. Emanuel Hauf42-97452Dessau, Germany
MACR 5299May 27th 1944Lt. Artie J. Whitlow42-31594Ludwigshaven, Germany
MACR 5804June 14th 1944Lt. Roy W. Allen42-97579Le Bourget-Melun, France
MACR 5905June 14th 1944Lt. James P. LaPaze42-31618Le Bourget-Melun, France
MACR 6003June 20th 1944Lt. William B. Bomar42-31615Hamburg, Germany
MACR 6004June 21st 1944Lt. Hershel L. Wilson42-31656Berlin, Germany
MACR 6926July 12th 1944Lt. Gerald L. Kerr42-31552Munich, Germany
MACR 7254July 21st 1944Lt. Norris H. Gerber44-6103Schweinfurt, Germany
MACR 7548July 19th 1944Lt. Noel A. Cunefare42-97601Augsburg, Germany
MACR 7829July 31st 1944Lt. Byron S. Schiffman42-97087Munich, Germany
MACR 7889August 6th 1944Lt. Vincent L. Frost42-97131Genshagen, Germany
MACR 8195July 7th 1944Lt. Jack B. Owens42-30731Leipzig, Germany
MACR 8200August 24th 1944Lt. Teddy G. Shaw42-27558Weimar, Germany
MACR 8201August 24th 1944Lt. Winfred L. Pugh42-97571Weimar, Germany
MACR 9419September 26th 1944Lt. Carl H. Gooch42-32079Osnabruck, Germany
MACR 9527September 30th 1944Lt. William A. Millea43-38538Munster, Germany
MACR 9634October 17th 1944Lt. Norman M. Chapman43-37606Cologne, Germany
MACR 9767October 7th 1944Lt. Alfred W. Fischer44-8046Politz, Poland
MACR 9769September 28th 1944Lt. Fred J. Lockwald43-37834Magdeburg, Germany
MACR 9770September 28th 1944Lt. Charles J. Schultz43-38026Magdeburg, Germany
MACR 9772September 28th 1944Lt. Albert L. Sikkenga43-38181Magdeburg, Germany
MACR 9773October 7th 1944Lt. William H. Flannery42-97638Politz, Poland
MACR 9774October 7th 1944Lt. Clarence R. Jennings42-102905Politz, Poland
MACR 10178October 25th 1944Lt. Francis J. Angier42-97899Hamburg, Germany
MACR 10207September 12th 1944Lt. Harry H. Selling43-31383Lauta, Germany
MACR 10314November 2nd 1944Lt. Samuel H. Schimel44-6155Merseberg, Germany
MACR 10315November 2nd 1944Lt. Gordon E. Gallagher42-31923Merseberg, Germany
MACR 10316November 2nd 1944Lt. James B. Corriher43-37532Merseberg, Germany
MACR 10317November 2nd 1944Lt. William A. Dawson43-37556Merseberg, Germany
MACR 10318November 2nd 1944Lt. Earl M. Morrow43-37766Merseberg, Germnay
MACR 10319November 2nd 1944Lt. William J. Murdock43-37782Merseberg, Germany
MACR 10321November 2nd 1944Lt. Bruce F. Harrison43-38561Merseberg, Germany
MACR 10322November 2nd 1944Lt. Graeme L. Bow42-106998Merseberg, Germany
MACR 10343November 6th 1944Lt. Edward P. McGroarty43-38904Harburg, Germany
MACR 11150November 30th 1944Lt. John W. White42-107026Bohlen, Germany
MACR 11334December 12th 1944Lt. Montell C. Higgins43-37567Merseberg, Germany
MACR 11586January 13th 1945Lt. Irwin C. Popham43-38795Maximiliansau, Germany
MACR 11987January 28th 1945Lt. Wallace P. Boyes42-97164Cologne, Germany
MACR 12437February 16th 1945Lt. Roland H. Brazier44-6831Gelsenkirchen, Germany
MACR 12802February 28th 1945Lt. Roy E. Kirk44-8255Soest, Holland
MACR 13616March 24th 1945Lt. Sherril R. Williams43-38854Hopsten, Germany
MACR 13882April 10th 1945Capt. Melvin M. Fox44-8368Oranienburg, Germany
MACR 13912April 10th 1945Lt. Thomas P. Thompson43-38606Oranienburg, Germany
MACR 14183April 18th 1945Lt. William T. Thistle44-8557Freising, Germany
MACR 15928September 10th 1944Lt. Homer M. Passmore42-97456Gaggenau, Germany