27 MARCH 1944
The target was the Aircraft Repair Works of Usine Liotard, under the control of the Nazi War Machine since thefall of France. This facility accounted for the repair of a large percentage of the German fighter planes, principally the FW 190s.Eighteen aircraft were dispatched as the 94th B Combat Wing. In addition, six craft were dispatched with the 94th A Wing to attack the GM airfield three miles north of Tours.Cot. Luper was Air Commander and Lt. Vinton H. Mays as pilot, led the 94th Combat Wing over the Channel. The No. 1 engine on the lead ship began running away and had to be feathered. The lead was turned over to the Deputy Lead, Major Spencer. The lead ship circled the Le Havre area looking for a target of opportunity and finally dropped bombs on the Caen Airdrome.The main formation continued on the assigned course to the IP. The target was visible. Just before bombs away, it was discovered the bomb bay doors of the lead ship had failed to open. A 180 degree turn was made to get in position for a second run. Bombing problems developed with the lead aircraft and the bomb results were poor. Enemy fighter opposition was light and no flak was encountered. There were no personnel casualties, and all aircraft returned safely. scannen-amerika0020