24 MARCH 1944
Mission nr. 19 Schweinfurt
The Group dispatched seventeen aircraft to the ball bearing works at Schweinfurt. The key note to the operational order read, It is imperative that 060049/10 be destroyed’060049 was the largest machine shop in the ball bearing works of Keigelfischer AG, and had escaped damage from previous raids. Col. Luper was Air Commander and Lt. Russell M. Selwyn, pilot. The Group comprised the high box of the 94th Combat Wing.
Bombing was carried out in a heavy undercast, and the results were not visible. No fighter opposition was reported, and flak was light. Three aircraft suffered damage, but there were no personnel casualties, and all aircraft returned to the Base.On 24 March all members of the ground crews servicing and maintaining the aircraft received the commendation of the Commanding Officer. He commended all ground personnel for a job well done.