22 MARCH 1944
Mission nr. 17 Oranienburg
Nineteen aircraft made a return trip to the Heinkel Bomber Assembly Factory at Oranienburg, the producer of He177s, long range bombers. Captain William F. Smith was AirCommander and Lt. Brannan was pilot. The Group comprised the low box of the 94th Combat Wing.In spite of adverse weather and adverse flight conditions (the Group getting in prop wash of another wing), bombs were dropped on Berlin, the secondary target, and good bombing results were reported. Fires were still burning from previous raids. No enemy fighter opposition was reported. Flak was intense and moderately accurate. There were no personnelcasualties, and all aircraft returned safely, with seven planeshaving sustained damage.A 351st Bomb Group aircraft flying out of formation was seen to have been hit by bombs dropped by one of the 457thair craft. There was a flash of flames near the rudder andhorizontal stabilizer. The craft skidded to the left and downward and was never seen again. scannen-amerika0016