20 MARCH 1944
Mission nr. 16 Frankfurt
Eighteen aircraft were dispatched to bomb the AlfredTreves plant at Frankfurt, Germany. This plant manufactured aircraft and submarine piston rings, and 75 percent of all theGermans’ hydraulic brakes. Major Fred A. Spencer was AirCommander and Lt. J. L. Smith was pilot. Weather conditions were unfavorable.Final assembly altitude was at 17,500 feet. The clouds continued to rise over France, until there was a solid undercastwith cloud tops up to 30,000 feet. The high squadron becameseparated from the formation. Shortly thereafter the 457th lost the Wing formation in the haze and clouds near Frankfurt, thePFF target. The mission was abandoned and the Group returned to England. All other combat wings likewise abandoned their missions. No fighter attacks were made on the formation.Flak was moderate and four aircraft suffered damage.In order to avoid a mid-air collision, Lt. Franklin J. Marra,copilot for Lt. Clarence E. Schuchmann, pulled back on the wheel, and, in doing so, stalled the airplane and went into a spin. After losing 16,000 feet in a matter of seconds, Lt.Schuchmann successfully brought the aircraft back undercontrol.Notification was received on 20 March, that the APO Number for Glatton was changed from 634 to 557. (Compilers Note: Tom Goff navigator on the Schuchmaflfl crew, reflects on the incident in Chapter 19.) scannen-amerika0015