13 MARCH, 1944
Mission nr. 12 Vac-Queriette
The Group flew its first of many No Ball missions to the French Coast. The name No Ball identified the target as being the launching pad of the V-i flying bombs, which would be launched against England.Twenty-one planes were dispatched. Captain Spencer was Air Commander and Lt. J. L. Smith, pilot. Heavy clouds prevented the bombing of the target. Some aircraft returned safely with their bomb load, while others bombed targets of opportunity. Damage was inflicted to eight aircraft by intense flak over the occupied territory of France near Abbeville. The field order for the mission was not received until 0445, and final mission data was not received until after the main briefing. Only the routes to and from the French Coast were set forth in the flight plan, leaving the course over France to the Wing and Group Commanders. (Compilers Note: Officially the No Ball missions were Crossbow targets.) scannen-amerika0011