11 MARCH, 1944
Mission nr. 11 Munster
Twenty aircraft bombed military targets and the marshalling yards at Munster. The 457th comprised the high box of the 94th Combat Wing. Captain Leroy Watson was Air Commander. Bombing was done by PFF due to the heavy undercast, and results were not observed.No enemy fighter opposition was encountered, due to the fighter escort provided. However, intense but inaccurate flak was encountered over the target area. Relatively light damage was inflicted and all aircraft returned safely to the Base.All silver ships were used for the first time. As a diversion from seeing B-I 7s, the first B-29 ever to land at Glatton arrived on 11 March. Personnel of the Group were permitted to inspect it before its departure. Reportedly the craft, then designated as a YB-29, had been attached to the Eighth in an attempt to deceive German intelligence into believing the 8-29 was to become the replacement craft in the E.T.O. scannen-amerika0010