The mission was a repeat of the 6 February mission. The Group comprised the 94th A Combat Wing, with Col. Eugene Romig, from Wing, flying as Air Commander, and as leader of the 1st Division. Assembly was as briefed.Division assembly line was flown left of course, with the Group in proper position. Course to the target was flown approximately as briefed with the formation swinging wide of course while getting bombing wind.The Group cut the briefed IP about three miles short because of cloud cover. Bombing was done in squadron formation, with each squadron performing its own sighting operation. Cloud coverage was seven to eight tenths, and visibility was very poor.The target area was obscured by a shadow from a cloud. Bombing by the lead squadron was accomplished by triangulation. The low and high squadrons used combined grid and circular bombing technique with the target area and MPI covered at the time of BRL.The MPI was not sighted. Bombs were dropped from 25,000 feet. Bombing results were reported as generally good. Flak was moderate. No craft sustained damage.