The 457th Bomb Group Interviews

On Sunday May 30th 2004, at the corner of Conington Lane, a service was held for the dedication of the 457th Bomb Group Memorial.

This dedication and the Glatton reunion were filmed by mister John Walker. Also many 457th Bomb Group members that attended the 2004 Glatton reunion were interviewed. These interviews are on youtube and show the veterans telling some great stories! A beautiful memory of a great generation of men.

Interview part 1
Rex W. Burke, Charles D. Osborne and John S. Pearson

Interview part 2
John D. Wood

Interview part 3
Cecil G. Harris

Interview part 4
Will Fluman and Joseph M. Hamilton

Interview part 5
Donald G. Sellon, Willard R. Hedge and Joseph A. Toth

Interview part 6
Alexander Bennet and Harry J. Campbell

Interview part 7
Jerry Silverman and Donald D. Nielsen

Interview part 8
James L. Bass, Joseph DeLuccia, Elmer H. Lederhaus and Larry B. McMahan

Interview part 9
George J. Grau

Interview part 10
Robert L. Schaaf

Interview part 11
Frank Martin

These interviews are copyrighted by mister John Walker.