9 MARCH, 1944
Mission nr. 10 Oranienburg
The mission called for the bombing of a Heinkel Bomber Aircraft Assembly Factory at Oranienburg, sixteen miles north of Berlin. Eighteen aircraft were dispatched. The factory produced approximately forty He-177s per month, the majority of the heavy bomber output for Germany. The 457th led the 94th Combat Wing, fourth in the Division formation. Major Henry B. Wilson was Air Commander and Lt. Raymond A. Syptak was pilot.At the IP it was determined the undercast was such that a run should be made on Berlin, which was then carried out. Bombing was done by PFF, and the results were not observed because of the undercast. Fighter opposition was broken up by P-47s escorting the Group. Flak in the Berlin area was heavy and accounted for damage to several of the aircraft; however, none were lost to the enemy opposition. Track Chart March 9th 1944