The Fireball Outfit
The 457th Bombardment Group in the Skies Over Europe
   by Ken Blakebrough 
This is one of the Army Air Force Unit Histories created and edited by Kenn C. Rust


  “My seven months of duty with the 457th Group, known at the time as the Fireball Outfit, left an indelible impression upon my heart and mind. The flight of more than 20 post war years has failed to erase from my memory such odd-sounding names as Politz, Peenemunde, Chemnitz, Lutzkendorf and, sharpest of all, Merseberg. What follows is the story of The Merseburg Mission. It is also the story of 235 other bombing missions which were, in a lesser degree, also Merseburgs.” – Ken BLakebrough 

  Fly with the B-17 Flying Fortresses over Europe as they wade through a malestrom of flak, Me 109s and FW 190s visiting such deadly targets as Merseburg & Politz. Written by a 457th pilot. Full mission list.

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