Tales of Woe
As well as other preposterous but humorous events
  by J. Francies Angier

  J. Francis Angier was raised on a farm in New Haven, Vermont, and had an early interest in aviation. This led to his participation in World War II as the pilot of B-17 bombers with the 8th Air Force flying missions out of England. 

  Near the end of his tour he was shot down over Germany and became a prisoner of war. He and fellow airmen were sentenced to death three times by order of Adolph Hitler but were saved in the last hours by the German Luftwaffe just before American forces reached their prison. His exposure to the nearby concentration camps where the Nazis killed millions of people made a profound effect on Francis. He claims to have cultivated a sense of humor to use as a crutch to help block out those memories.

Published by J. Francis Angier 
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ISBN: 978-0-615-22994-2