Lest They Forget Freedom’s Price

Memoirs of a WWII Bomber Pilot

  by Lt. Col. (retired) Edward M. Bender, USAFR


This is the fascinating story of B-17 bomber pilot, Lt. Col. Edward M. Bender, (USAAFR, retired) who describes his flight training, bomber missions, capture and time as a prisoner of war in WWII Germany.  

When fire forces his Flying Fortress down in enemy-occupied France, Bender is captured by Nazi recruits from Hitler’s Youth Corps. He vividly recounts his year as a prisoner of the Third Reich, confined in camps in Sagan, Nurnberg, and Moosburg, and the bitterly-cold forced march of winter, 1945, when Stalag Luft III was evacuated ahead of the advancing Russian Army. 

Finally, he describes his liberation by General Patton’s Third Army and his return home to adapt to the challenges of post-war America. Told with humor and pathos, this narrative provides a portrait of life in war-time Europe and the often-forgotten sacrifices of WWII veterans and prisoners of war. 

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Copyright © 2008 Lt. Col. (retired) Edward M. Bender, USAFR.
ISBN: 978-1-4389-6073-9 (sc)