Into Life’s School:
My World War II Memories
  by Clifford B. “CB” Digre / Veteran of the 457th Bomb Group, 8th Air Force

  What happens when a small-town kid from rural America is called up to serve his country in the Army Air Corps in England during World War II? 

  Clifford B. Digre from Hendricks, Minnesota, leaves his roots to travel across America and the world as he learns the lessons of “Life’s School.” 

  You will laugh and you will cry as Digre takes us through real human drama, and what it was like for a young man to take on responsibilities of military training, flying missions, and struggling to get on with his life.

Printed in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, on acid-free paper. 

Copyright © 2009 by Clifford B. Digre
ISBN: 978-0-615-22541-8