“The Fireball Outfit”

Glatton Today And The English Connection

By George Pobgee English Historian

748th Squadron
749th Squadron
750th Squadron
751st Squadron

Points of Interest in and around Conington

Conington Village, Home of Glatton Airbase, is located just off the B1043 between junction 16 and junction 15 of the A1(M) just south of Peterborough. The main entrance to the Base was just to the east of the Glatton Memorial Monument in Conington Lane. During the time the Base was operational, the residents of the Village had to pass through the security post to get to their homes. The road between Conington and Holme follows the route of one of the three original runways. On the left is Rose Court Farm which was in the middle of the three runways and remained in use throughout the war.    

Views of Glatton Airfield Today

West Perimeter track towards the Control Tower area
The former runway (05/23) now the road between Conington and Holme (Looking north east)
Looking northwest along runway (33/15)
Rose Court Farm as it is today
Looking west along the third runway which is still used today (28/10) by the Conington Flying Club/ Peterborough Business Airport
Conington Flying Club/ Peterborough Business Airport as it is today. None of the buildings are original.
(The runway numbers (e.g. 28/10) relate to the 1945 layout of Glatton)

The Glatton Memorial Monument

The Glatton Memorial Monument was dedicated on Sunday 30th  May 2004 in the presence of Veterans, Family and Friends of the 457th Bomb Group. It is located close to the original main entrance to the base, at the junction of Conington Lane, and the Old North Road, (B1043) at Conington.

Water Tower

The water tower behind the Memorial Monument is one of the few remaining WWII towers of its type. Along with the Standby Generator Set Hall (mentioned below) it is one of the two remaining base structures. The Water tower was in the 750th BS domestic area. “Today this tower stands alone, like a silent sentinel, providing a visual landmark for those 457th Airmen who did not return from that last mission” The Water Tower Plaque was installed and dedicated at a Mini Reunion Service on 25th May 2008. It is located to the right of the Memorial Monument at Conington Lane. It refers to the Water Tower which is sited on land just behind the Memorial Monument.

The Plaque

Conington Village Sign

Conington Village Sign was erected in 2004 and was the winning design in a competition run for the children of the village. The idea for the design of the sign was by Adrian Griffin, who was 13 years old at the time. It depicts a B17 flying over Conington Church.

Standby Generator Set House

As you leave the village of Conington towards Holme, on the right hand side of the road, set back in the field near Conington Church, is the last remaining building on the site. The brick building originally housed the Standby Generator Set. This building and the Water Tower are the only two structures remaining on the old base.

Conington Church

All Saints Church Conington is a redundant church maintained by the Churches Conservation Trust. It is usually kept locked. Entry can be gained by obtaining a key from Church representatives in the village (Instructions are posted by the main entrance.) Located here are the Stone Airman Memorial in the Church Yard and the Roll of Honour inside the Church

The Stone Airman Memorial

A monument designed and built by Cpl Lester Fried was dedicated on 30th May 1945. In 1982 it was reconstructed using Portland stone. The Monument is in the north side of the Church Yard overlooking the former airfield.

Roll of Honour

President of the Association, (2005 to 2007) James Bass, commissioned a Roll of Honour in the form of a book. It was dedicated at the Reunion Memorial Service on May 27th 2006. To display the Roll of Honour Book, a local craftsman, Maurice Cheesborough was commissioned to build an oak bookstand. The bookstand was presented to the Association in memory of Ray and Enid Pobgee, English Historian and Friends of the 457th Bomb Group Association. The Roll of honour is located inside the Church.

Admiral Wells Public House Holme

The Bar area of the Admiral Wells Public House in Holme houses a collection of 457th Bomb Group photographs taken during the time the base was operational.