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It is with the greatest sadness to inform you about the passing of Justina Marie Sechrist. Justina passed away last Thursday. The 457th bomb group association has lost a beautiful, caring, bright and smart lady and we will miss her greatly. For those who visited our reunions in the past will remember Justina and all the work she did during reunion’s and behind the scenes and she is the founding father of our Facebook page. She loved the 457th bomb group and had many idea’s for the website, facebookpage and the future of our group. Justina’s grandfather was Will Fluman sr.

Our thoughts are with Justina’s parents and brother and with the rest of her family. She will be missed so much.

Here is a statement from Will Fluman, president of the 457th bomb group Association and uncle of Justina:

It is with great grief and sad emptiness, and the deepest heartfelt sympathy for Carl, Chris and Cam, that I inform you about the passing of their daughter, our beautiful, loving, talented Justina Marie Sechrist. Tina left us early this morning as the result of an automobile accident. She leaves us with the memory of her smile, laugh, wonderful voice and happy, cheerful spirit to remember her by, and, hopefully, find comfort in. May she rest in peace in Heaven and serve at the side of the Lord God who she believes in and loves. Though there are no words to fill our empty hearts and spirits in this moment, may we find some relief from this horrible tragedy in the fact that we were Blessed to have her in our lives for the short time that we did.

She will be layed to rest this Friday. Her obituary can be found here: http://cumberlink.com/…/article_bb8a8950-6db9-56fd-a299-331…




June 2016 – Stateside reunion – Washington D.C.


On thursday, June 16th/11 a.m., there will be a VIP tour in the Pentagon! This tour will be available for only 30 people and veterans will be first to go.

On Friday afternoon we will visit the Pentagon too but these will be regular tours.

Please contact Nancy Archuleta ASAP to sign up for the VIP tour (veterans go first) and for the regular tour! You need to sign up to be able to go on the Pentagon Tour.

Email Nancy Archuleta: narchuleta@chm611.com

CLICK on the link below to find all the reunion information AND to sign up!

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The Fireball Newsletter – April, 2016

Fireball Newsletter April 2016

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Retired Coral Gables Police Officer Plans to Walk Across The Pyrenees Like His Father Did Escaping From Nazi Occupied Europe in 1944.

Crew of Frank McNichol’s B-17 bomber. 7 of the 10 would not return from the raid on Augsberg in 1944. Source: www.457thbombgroup.org Public Domain

In 1944 Frank McNichol was on active service with the United States Army Air Force (748 Bomb Squadron, 457 Bomb Group) stationed at Glatton Airfield near Huntingdon in East Anglia. Finding the East of England flat, heavily agricultural, and perfectly placed, the US 8th Air Force, ‘The Mighty Eighth’, quickly turned the area into a huge land based aircraft carrier for launching massive daylight raids on targets in Nazi occupied Europe. There were close to 100 USAAF airfields and 100 000 men at the height of the war.

On the morning of the 25th February 1944, McNichol was part of the 10 crew man crew of a B-17 heavy bomber (B17 G 42-31517). It was only his second mission, and he was the navigator charting a course for Augsberg, Gemany. Approaching the target, flying at 20 000 feet, the plane received a direct hit from German anti aircraft fire. One engine caught fire and the plane was unable to stay within the formation of bombers. Isolated and losing altitude the plane was attacked by German fighters. Further damaged, “the ship suddenly made a violent twist, and we prepared to leave.” McNichol’s parachute got caught and he was pushed out of the hatch by John Vollmuth the bomb aimer.  Only three crew managed to exit the plane as it banked steeply: McNichol, Vollmuth and Vito Peragine the engineer/top turret gunner. As they parachuted to the ground they saw the plane, in a spin, crash into the ground on the edge of the village of Mont Saint Martin, near Rheims. The plane exploded on impact killing the remaining crew.



Today we added more information to the website! We added two new photo sections and photos have been added to the Lest We Forget section and to the Officers and Enlisted Men Portraits section. If you have any photos you want to share with us please contact us!

Also we added a search bar which will make finding information on the website even more easy.

New photo sections added

Lest We Forget This is a memorial for all the 337 457th members who were KIA, MIA or KIS. Some work still needs to be done to get all 337 names in this memorial but 224 names have been added so far. Some photos are in low resolution but we will try to get these in higher quality so they can be viewed properly.
For the Fallen

Duane Zemper collection Duane Zemper was the photo officer at Glatton. He took many beautiful photos during his time with the 457th Bomb Group. Thanks to Eric Zemper we have 540 beautiful photos to show you in the photo section.
Duane Zemper Collection

Savannah Reunion 2015 This June we had a great reunion in Savannah Georgia. It was great meeting each other again and listening to the great stories our veterans shared with us. The visit the the 8th Airforce Museum was great. We saw the newly restored B-17 ‘City of Savannah’ and the saved and restored terrazzo compass rose from Hunter Field’s original operations building. The 2016 reunion will be held in Washington so make sure you write that down in your agenda’s!

Savannah Georgia 2015 reunion

Bill Mach’s collection Bill Mach was one of the photo officers at Glatton. He took many beautiful photos during his time with the 457th Bomb Group. Thanks to Trisha Mach Robertson we have 850+ beautiful photos to show you in the photo section.

Bill Mach’s Wartime Photo Collection

457th Spearheads Restoration Project

At The Mighty 8th Museum

Greetings to Members and Friends of the 457th BG Association:

November 2013 marks the launch of the Fund Drive to restore the “Mosaic Star” of the 8th Air Force.

We are pleased to announce progress is being made.

Now is the time to consider a donation to finish this important work at The Mighty 8th Museum!

Most are unaware that this beautiful 16-foot square Terrazzo Concrete Star was created by WPA Artisans.  The Star was created in the center of the floor of the Operations Building at Hunter Field just prior to World War II.

Many Bomb Groups received training at Hunter Field before going overseas between 1942-1945.  The footsteps of countless young Airmen walked upon this Symbol of the Army Air Corps.

This Star when completely restored will rest in the center of the Columbarium directly behind the “Chapel of the Fallen Eagles.”

Our Goal for this Historic Restoration is $25,000.


All Donations are Tax Deductible!


Donations may be sent to:

Lori Paris Barnett, Treasurer

c/o 457th BG / Chapel Gardens Memorial Fund

304 Old West Point Road

Starkville, MS 39759-2654

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The 457th Bomb Group Association is pleased to announce the online edition of mission Loading Lists.  This volume was the result of the tireless efforts of Joe Toth, Immediate Past President.  This archive will be a valuable research tool for those interested in the History of the 457th Bomb Group.

If you have any additional information please let us know by contacting the webmaster, Erwin DeMooy: webmaster457thbombgroup@outlook.com

Click here for more information …